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    Mobile Winmx = 24 Min

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Welcome to our website. We are glad to provide you quality calls to friends and family worldwide. Our communication system allows you to make calls 24/7. You can make calls from your mobile phone, home phone or computer without incurring extra charges.  We charge you reasonable rates only when you talk. Therefore, our slogan is "no talk no charge".


Key Features :


One Minute Billing

Talk for one minute, Pay for one minuteMany less superior prepaid calling cards and services use three to five minutes billing.

Low Call Rates 

 No hidden fees, simple straight forward rates. What you see & hear is what you get!!

 Works With all mobile Networks

Works instantly with any cellular and land line network without having to change your current carrier or long distance company. Just dial Callback access number to make a call.

 Pinless Dialing

System automatically recognizes phone number. You will never have to dial a long pin number again to make an international phone call

 Speed Dial

Tired of remembering & dialing lengthy telephone numbers. Use My Talk~Shawk Speed dial feature and make your calling simpler & easier.

24/7 Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are at your service 24/7 to assist you to get connected to your loved ones instantly.



Business opportunity: 

Become My Talk~Shawk agent, sign customers up for our service & receive generous recurring commissions. For further details call us at 0875399904



Our Top Destinations

    All rates are in Baht/minute   

 Country    Mob  Fix
Iran 3.8  3.7
India 1.5 2.0
Pakistan 4.5  4.5
  Philippines  5.8 6.6
  Nepal   5.8 5.8
  Nigeria    4.0 3.7
  Cameroon  7.6  6.2  
  Bangladesh  2.3 2.3
  Indonesia    3.8 4.0
  USA 1.5  -   1.5
  UAE  7.6 7.6
  Qatar  7.6 7.6
  Bahrain 4.3 3.1
   KSA  6.2 4.7


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